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Our products use medical grade, premium hemp and plants that are minimally processed to produce the best products possible. Due to the exclusivity of our products, we can only sell to authorized retailers/resellers. If you would like to register, press the button below!

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Why would you want to use Docz Holliday CBD products?
  • Stress-Relief and Focus CBD affects serotonin flow and can alleviate stress while increasing your mood and focus. Remove distractions and stay on task with Docz Holliday CBD!

  • Relieves pain Since your muscles are constantly working, they need all the help they can get! Our CBD oils can soothe and relax the body, while getting rid of pain and keeping you feeling your best!

  • Appetite Control CBD is known to help regulate appetite and metabolism. Gain full control of your appetite again to get the nutrients and nourishment your body needs to feel your best!
  • Headache and Stress Relief Stress can take a huge toll on your mental and physical health. Instead of using pharmaceutical drugs with side effects, we would recommend using CBD as a natural solution. Our array of Docz Holliday CBD products will help you keep stress at bay and focus on the best version of you!
  • Fights insomnia Insomnia is a rising issue that is becoming more and more common. Avoid the pharmaceutical drugs that cause dependencies and opt for a natural, addictive-free approach. Our CBD products will help you get better quality sleep to wake up feeling energized and refreshed!
  • Pet Friendly Do you want your beloved pet to feel as revitalized as you feel after using Docz Holliday CBD? Well, now you can. Our yummy range of pet treats will help improve the mood and general fitness of your pets with ease

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What Is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol which is a chemical compound from the Cannabis sativa plant. It is one of the most studied compounds with more than 116 cannabinoids found in hemp.


sleep better


feel less pain


improved appetite


feel happier

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What our buyers say

I have trouble with appetite and GI issues, and was struggling to find an easy solution. I tried Docz Holliday CBD and it helped greatly. My performance in the gym.

Nick Addison

I use Docz Holliday CBD every day to alleviate my stress and ADHD symptoms as I prefer not to take any prescription medications. It has greatly helped improve my quality.

Marina Kajey

Docs Holliday CBD has greatly helped me with my knee and back pain. I was struggling with it for years and could not find a remedy, until a friend recommended.

Jill Paco
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